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Summa Vis

has an operational area located in the industrial area of Naples of about 4,000 square meters of which an outdoor area of approximately 1,500 square meters and 2,500 square meters covered by sheds served by two 3 ton bridge cranes.
Annexed to the structure are the technical offices, the locker rooms, the services for the workers and a warehouse.
The technical, commercial and administrative offices have the most advanced information tools: from personalized management software
of the latest generation, to the current CAD system.

Mechanical constructions

Construction of load-bearing metal structures of small and medium proportions. Medium-heavy and naval carpentries. Pipelines. Halls. Conveyors. Offshore facilities. Constructions carried out on the Customer’s designation, according to the best technologies, with continuous control, monitoring all the phases of the construction of the artifacts:
• Having read the construction drawings
• Supply of materials and certification
• Construction Regulations
• Dimensional checks
• Non-destructive and / or radiographic checks of welds
• Possible packaging and transport of the product

Civil and Industrial Construction

The Consortium operates in the civil and industrial construction sector, carrying out constructions in reinforced concrete, excavation works, sewers and roads, addressing public and private clients. Furthermore, Summa Vis S.c.a.r.l. is attentive to the safety of construction sites, meticulously taking care of the training of employees.


Installation of small and medium-sized structures. Medium heavy carpentry and assembly of naval carpentry. The execution of the works is carried out in the times and in the manner required by the Customer. The works are carried out with specialized labor, with the direction of technical personnel, equipment and adequate means for:
• Structural and naval structures
• Off-shore structure
• Piping
• Sheds
• Tanks


Plant demolitions:
• Sheds
• Piping
• Industrial installations
• Small and medium-sized metal structures

Industrial Maintenance

Teams and skilled workers for field maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, possible shifts with staff availability and assistance both manual and technical.
Furthermore, the company is able to carry out disassembly, recovery works and facilities in general.
The sectors of intervention are:
• Naval
• Railway
• Chemical and petrochemical
• Iron and steel industry
• Cement plant

Logistics and Major Distributions

To complete the services offered to the customer, the Summa Vis consortium is able to offer:
• Preparation of studies and offers, also during the tender phase
• Possibility of supply contracts, installation and scheduled maintenance
• Complete management of orders